Caddis Fly Jewelry

Unique Caddisfly Jewelry . The Caddisfly is an aquatic insect that lives in the Mountain Streams. This isn't new material (it was first posted in Cabinet in 2007, via Neatorama), but it was new to me when I encountered it this week.

No, this isn't jewelry in the shape of a Caddisfly – sorry, entomologists. The Caddis Fly is where you can purchase the feathers and furs you will need to craft your own feathered costume jewelry and accessories.

Components will also be on sale for attendees to create their own unique piece of jewelry. Each piece of caddisfly jewelry is unique – no two pieces are the same.

Providing bits of precious and semi-precious material for Caddis to construct jewelry is actually not all that unique. Over the weekend I was reading an article in the wonderful science journal Seed.

In this 2004 issue was an article about Ben Stout and Caddisflies. In this activity students will learn how some insects, such as caddisfly larvae construct their own homes and utilize cryptic coloration to avoid predation.

Free article about 'Professor and Wife Turn Caddisfly Cases Into OneofaKind Jewelry. Order Trichoptera Some species of caddisfly larvae use their own glue to assemble sand grains, bits of shell and even plant fragments into a tube in which they hide.

Before uploading this entry and meeting my midnight deadline, I did one last Google search: "caddisfly jewelry. The Rogue Angler sells a great selection of jewelry made from caddis fly cases as well as hand painted pins of a wide variety of fish species.

Hubert Duprat, a French naturalist and artist developed the idea of using caddisfly larvae to create jewelry in the 1980s. How'd you like to wear jewelry made by a bug? Right off the bat, it might not seem like a very appealing idea.

J ewelry is often claimed to be the path to a woman’s heart. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings all can easily smooth the way to earning a woman’s favor.

Hubert Duprat has been working with Caddis Fly larvae. This piece is our unique piece of jewelry.